Are Open Houses a Waste of Time? Part 3

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The Day of the Open House

  • Drive your directions.  
  • Carefully place at least 7 directional signs approaching the open house 30 minutes prior to the start time.
  • Tour the house to be certain that sellers have tucked away valuables.
  • Address eyesores....stinky litter box, messy room, dirty ashtray, etc.  
  • The house should be well lit with 150 watt bulbs.  
  • Open all window treatments.  
  • Closely check all bathrooms for cleanliness.
  • Use scented candles and potpourri as appropriate, but not to cover smells.
  • Soft, pleasant music and a burning fireplace in the winter set the mood.
  • Set the table with nice dinnerware, flatware and crystal.
  • Setting the mood is very important.  Buyers purchase with their emotions.
  • Greet each prospect at the door and set the agenda.
  • Have each prospect sign in and obtain written permission to call with follow-up information.
  • Let each person tour the house alone.
  • Reconvene with each prospect after they tour the home; give them a brochure and set an appointment or get further information for follow-up.

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